Single Ply Roofing

Single ply roofing systems

Can be supplied in a range of colours, thicknesses in TPO/FPO/TPE and PVC, ‘warm’, ‘inverted’ and ‘cold’ applications. Supply chain partners include Bauder, Axter, Polyglass, Renolit and IKO single ply.
Rhepanol PIB is made from polyisobutylene (PIB), a synthetic rubber, and is the only membrane currently available with a full Life Cycle Assessment that meets DIN EN ISO 14040 part ff, showing that it has no significant environmental impact at any time between its manufacturer and eventual disposal. It is available in two types; Rhepanol fk and Rhepanol hg.

Rhepanol fk

Designed to be installed directly over bituminous roofs, it can be mechanically fixed, bonded or ballasted and requires no ‘hot work’. It is easy to lay and join and can be fitted in most weather conditions making it an ideal labour saving system. It is also used in new build applications.

Rhepanol fk (in white)

Rhepanol fk in white specifically helps maximise the reflectivity of solar PV systems. It is permanently resistant to UV radiation and, due to its higher anti-slip friction co-efficient panels can be installed with a greater pitch – up to 9.5° – than other membranes. It is free from halogen or plasticizers and is suitable for over-roofing as it is compatible with other materials, including bitumen.

Rhepanol hg

Developed from Rhepanol fk to meet the specification requirements of green roofs. Rhepanol hg is designed to be hot-air welded to provide the strongest possible seam and is an ideal choice for waterproofing a landscaped roof. It holds FLL certification.